Don’t Forget about You this Holiday Season

Posted on December 16, 2019 in blog by Lewisburg Team

Don’t’ forget about YOU this holiday season!

It is no surprise that the holiday season and the few months to follow after are a plastic surgeons busiest time. Whether it’s to look and feel your best for your holiday social gatherings or to recover in time for those summer days, now is the perfect time!

Nonsurgical procedures during the holiday season

Two of the most popular nonsurgical procedures are Botox and Fillers. These are good options to get yourself ready for those holiday parties and the many photographs that follow. Fillers can restore lost volume in the cheeks or under the eyes, can plump lips and fill in smile lines or other deep facial lines.
Botox is also a great option that can soften horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet or frown lines. Skin looks smoother and younger as a result. 

Lasers treatments and chemical peels are also popular during this time. Summer tans have faded, making laser treatments safer. Pigment concerns can be addressed and resurfacing can be performed to leave you with fresh, smooth, bright skin for the holidays.

Surgical procedures during the holiday season

The holidays are also the perfect time for surgical procedures. Patients can take advantage of their time off and downtime at work for these procedures. Whether it be facial, breast or body surgery, these procedures require recovery time. Compression garments are sometimes required, which can easily be hidden under those cozy winter clothes. Generally, by the time spring and summer roll around, most patients are recovered and ready to enjoy their new beach bodies!

Our lives are busy and sometimes taking time for ourselves seems near impossible. You are always putting the needs of everyone else before you! The holidays, however, tend to be a time when we all slow down and can enjoy time with our loved ones. Whether it’s to look your best for the holidays themselves or finally to do that one thing you’ve wanted to do for you, the holidays tend to be the ideal time. So, call today and treat yourself!!!



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