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Breast Lift

Sagging caused by past pregnancies, genetics, or aging can be significantly improved by a breast lift. Individuals with sagging breasts too great to be corrected by implants alone can benefit from this procedure. An elevated, more youthful breast contour and a nipple areola complex (NAC) of the desired size and height may be achieved by a breast lift. Results may be enhanced by either small breast reduction or breast enlargement procedures.

Podcast Episode: Breast Lifts vs Breast Implants

In many cases, breast lift procedures are more popular than full breast augmentation. In this episode, Dr. Normington discusses the differences between the two procedures and how to know which one is right for you.

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How is a breast lift performed?

Done on an outpatient basis, a breast lift is performed under sedation in conjunction with local or general anesthesia. The nature of the incisions vary but usually include incisions around the NAC and under the crease of the breast. The insertion of an implant may or may not be advisable, depending on the needs of the individual. During the process, the nipple is repositioned higher, excess skin is removed, and the breast is reshaped to a more youthful-looking contour.

Recovery after a breast lift

Your recovery from a breast lift (mastopexy or mastoplexy surgery) is based on several factors, including your personal pain threshold and whether or not your lift was done as a stand-alone procedure. Your recovery may be more involved, for example, if you had other plastic surgery procedures such as augmentation with breast implants, breast lift with auto augmentation or breast reduction performed at the same time as your breast lift. Our doctors will go over the specific details of your breast lift surgery and recovery with you during your consultation visit and your preoperative appointments.

Insurance Guidelines

Because this procedure is considered cosmetic and is not covered by insurance, the patient is responsible for the entire payment. 

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