Tummy Tuck

 Like many things in life, you may never truly appreciate something as simple as a smooth, flat stomach… until you no longer have it. Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, aging – some or all of these things can intervene and change the landscape of your abdomen. Diet and exercise can help reduce the fat on your belly, but you may still be left with excess or sagging skin which, if combined with weak stomach muscles, can give you the appearance of a protruding belly and compromise your self-confidence. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can remove this excess skin and fat and tighten the abdominal muscles, narrowing the waist and creating an abdominal profile that is smoother, flatter, and tighter.

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Is a tummy tuck right for me?

Because a tummy tuck is a body-shaping procedure and not a means for weight loss, it may be a good fit for you if you are already at a stable and healthy weight and simply want to refine your body’s contour. You should not pursue a tummy tuck, however, until you are finished with childbearing, as pregnancy, with its associated weight gain and loss, can potentially negate your results. In addition, in order to maintain your results, you should be able to commit to a diet and exercise program that works for you.

Tummy tuck options

At Lewisburg Plastic Surgery we offers several abdominoplasty options, depending on the location and extent of your excess skin as well as whether your abdominal muscles have been compromised, and can customize the procedure to meet your individual needs and goals. Tummy tuck options range from a limited (“mini”) abdominoplasty to a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty. 

Recovery after a tummy tuck

You will have some pain and swelling for several days or more after your tummy tuck, and may have some residual soreness for a few weeks or longer. This is somewhat dependent on the type of tummy tuck you undergo – a more extensive procedure (longer incision, muscle tightening, liposuction) may mean a slightly longer recovery period, and will most likely delay your return to activities a little longer. 





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