What are the Benefits to Combining Procedures?

Posted on October 17, 2022 in Uncategorized by Lewisburg Team

What are the benefits to combining surgeries?

Hi, I’m Jordan Thomas. Our goal as with everything we do here at Lewisburg Plastic Surgery is to provide you with the educational resources you need to make the best decision and allow you to feel beautiful, confident and safe. Today, I wanted to take the chance to speak with Dr. Normington about combining procedures and the benefits that come along with that. Like the Mommy Makeover and other procedures, patients tend to want to combine at least two or more surgeries.

Can you explain what the benefits are in doing that?

“The big benefit of combining procedures is combining the recovery,” explains Dr. Normington. “It’s very common to combine procedures, particularly breast surgery with tummy surgery. We’ll very commonly do some sort of breast procedure like a breast augmentation or a breast lift, and then combine that with a tummy tuck for instance. In fact, I think I may do more combined breast lifts with tummy tucks, than I do those procedures on their own.

It’s very common to combine procedures. The benefit of combining them is just one recovery, you don’t need to extend time away from work. There’s a little bit of cost savings involved, because by combining things, then you’re able to combine some operating room facility charges or combining some anesthesia charges. Typically, the doctors will also discount things somewhat if you’re combining procedures. So there is definitely something of a cost savings but the big thing is getting the recovery over all at once.”

Does undergoing multiple procedures add any risks?

Would you say there’s any more risk involved in having surgical cases that are combining?

“There is some element of a bit more risk, because one of the risks of surgery is the time of the surgery and the length of the anesthesia. The doctor can give the patient an opinion about whether they’re prolonging or extending their risk by combining things in their situation. It probably adds a little bit of risk but I think in general for what most people are interested in and for what most people would do the risks are very small by combining procedures.”

How do I know if combining procedures is right for me?

Are there certain patients that you would say might be a better candidate for combining procedures versus just one surgical case?

“Well, I think procedures where they’re in similar areas is a good opportunity to combine procedures. For instance, we’ll do some breast surgery with a tummy tuck. They’re right there in the middle of your trunk and it’s easy to wear garments afterwards. I tend to do less combining when they’re distant procedures like, for example, we won’t do a facelift with a thigh surgery because they’re too distant spots. I think it’s easier to combine things when they’re close together”

Are there any commonly combined procedures for the face?

Other than a tummy tuck and breast augmentation or lift are there other procedures that are more commonly performed together? Anything with the face for instance?

“With the face, it is very common to perform eyelid surgery with some sort of facelift procedure. And they go great together because while you’re recovering from your face, you don’t need to worry about hiding out because of having eyelid surgery. Those are great procedures to combine and we commonly do that eyelid surgery with facial surgery.”


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