Nutrafol is a hair growth supplement widely recommended by dermatologists and aesthetic professionals to help patients grow visibly thicker and stronger hair. The products target the root causes of hair thinning including stress, poor nutrition, and environmental factors using natural and medical-grade ingredients. Nutrafol is a clinically proven solution for hair thinning for patients of all ages, genders, and hair goals, with multiple formulas available to meet a range of needs.

Why use Nutrafol?

Nutrafol products are clinically proven to be effective for hair thinning. The products are designed using medical-grade botanical ingredients. All formulas are organic and free of common allergens including gluten, soy, and shellfish.

Nutrafol products have several benefits, including:

  • Hair growth
  • Reduced breakage and improved strength
  • Improved libido
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Stronger and healthier skin and nails

Men’s Formula

Multi-targeting nutraceutical
containing standardized ingredients that address key
triggers of poor hair health including stress, DHT, free
radicals, micro-inflammation,
and compromised nutrition.


Men’s Formula is clinically shown to increase natural hair growth for fuller hair. The ingredients also improve sleep, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve focus and concentration..


For adult men looking to improve the health of their hair and maintain existing hair growth.

Women’s Formula

Multi-targeting nutraceutical
containing standardized ingredients that address
key triggers of poor hair health including stress, DHT,
free radicals, micro-inflammation, and compromised


Nutrafol: Women’s Formula is designed to improve hair growth and the overall growth rate. The ingredients are intended to address common causes of hair loss and poor hair health including stress, free radicals, inflammation, poor nutrition, and DHT.


Nutrafol: Women’s Formula is recommended for women with thinning hair or those who wish to grow healthier hair.

Women’s Balance

A multi-targeting nutraceutical containing standardized ingredients that address key triggers of poor hair health including stress, DHT, free radicals, micro-inflammation, compromised nutrition, and
hormone changes associated with menopause.


Nutrafol: Women’s Balance provides the following benefits:

Increased hair growth

Fuller hair

Maintenance of existing hair growth

Improved strength, shine, and texture of the hair

Nourished, healthy hair

Reduced menopause symptoms, including stress, fatigue, and poor sleep

Improved appearance of hair and nails

Overall feeling of wellness


Nutrafol: Women’s Balance is intended for women who are entering or currently experiencing menopause or those who have already experienced menopause. It is recommended for those who have noticed hair-related changes due to menopause.

Hairbiotic MD

Hairbiotic MD offers nutrition support by replenishing the gut microbiome. This promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, which aids in immune support and nutrient absorption. This in turn results in better hair quality.

Do I need a probiotic?

You know your body best—but, if in addition to thinning hair, you are experiencing brittle, dry or oily hair, fatigue, bloating, gas, and digestive complaints, this combo could be for you.

Ingredient Spotlight

L.reuteri is a probiotic strain that improves the microbiome and is known to support hair quality.

Bacteriophage prebiotic reduces bad bacteria in the gut while helping healthy bacteria grow and populate.

7 unique probiotic strains promote microbiome biodiversity, improve the gut lining, and increase your body’s ability to absorb hair-building nutrients.

Root Purifier 

Root Purifier is a physician-formulated shampoo that deeply cleanses the scalp and optimizes pH levels. This improves overall hair health and has been clinically shown to balance sebum (oil) production while leaving the hair hydrated and nourished.

How to Use

Apply a dime-sized amount of Root Purifier to the fingertips and massage into the scalp for two minutes. Rinse and repeat as needed. Root Purifier can be used daily.


Balanced oil production

Nourished and hydrated scalp

Visibly improved volume, strength, and texture

pH balance

Deep cleansing

Safe for color-treated hair and extensions

Strand Defender 

Strand Defender is a physician-formulated conditioner intended to support strong hair and prevent breakage by strengthening the hair cortex and reinforcing the cuticle. The product improves moisture for smooth, strong, and healthy hair.

How to Use

Apply a dollop of conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair after conditioning. Wait two minutes or longer before rinsing. Strand Defender can be used daily.


Prevent hair damage

Replenish moisture and elasticity

Strengthened hair

Safe for color-treated hair and extensions

Build-Up Blocker

Build-Up Blocker is a physician-formulated exfoliating scalp mask. This mask was developed using natural ingredients that eliminate impurities and preserve the scalp’s microbiome. Using Build-Up Blocker, excess sebum is dissolved for balanced oil production and the removal of dirt, product build-up, and flakes or dryness.

How to Use

Section dry or damp hair and apply Build-Up Blocker directly to the scalp. Lightly massage and allow the mask to sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Build-Up Blocker can be used 1-3 times per week.


Balanced oil production

Removal of build-up and impurities

Reduced flakes or itchiness

Improved hair quality through a healthier scalp

Safe for color-treated hair and extensions

Growth Activator

Growth Activator is a patent-pending scalp support hair serum. This treatment is fast-absorbing and lightweight, developed using Ashwagandha Exosomes to stimulate cell renewal for naturally thicker and stronger hair.

How to Use

Section the hair and apply directly to the scalp. Cover areas of thinning such as the temples, part, or hairline and gently massage. Growth Activator can be used daily.


Depending on your usage, one bottle of Growth Activator typically lasts 1-3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nutrafol suitable for everyone?

    Nutrafol is suitable for most people from all walks of life. They have four natural hair growth formulas – three for women (Nutrafol Women, Women’s Balance for peri- and postmenopause, and Nutrafol Postpartum for the first year after childbirth or while breastfeeding) and Nutrafol Men, each designed to suit the unique needs of both sexes.

    However, your health is why we’re here, so we prefer to err on the side of caution. We do not recommend Nutrafol to anyone under the age of 18. Also, while we have no reason to believe it’s harmful, there have not been enough studies for us to say it’s suitable for women who may be pregnant so we recommend skipping it while pregnant or trying to conceive and sticking with Nutrafol Postpartum while breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition, or are taking medications (especially anticoagulant and blood-thinning drugs), please consult with your physician before taking Nutrafol.

  • What’s the difference between Nutrafol Men, Women, and Women’s Balance?

    It’s no surprise that men and women have different biochemical needs. For instance, men may produce more of the hair-damaging hormone DHT because they produce more testosterone, while women may produce less. Thanks to years of research, Nutrafol Men tackles this by boosting the amount of saw palmetto (a highly effective DHT blocker) to help the guys out. On the other hand, women often need more support against the harmful effects of stress, so Nutrafol Women is formulated like the Men’s with patented stress adaptogens, plus the essential protein collagen. Later in life, as women transition into menopause, there is a quick decline in certain hormones like estrogen and, of course, there’s even more oxidative stress involved that causes aging. Women’s Balance provides extra support through ingredients like saw palmetto, Maca, and Astaxanthin.

  • Gluten? GMO’s? Additives? Soy? Shellfish? Food Allergens?

    Nutrafol is made without the most common allergens and unnatural stuff like: GMOs, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or artificial colors. As always, when you start a new regimen, pay attention to your body and how it makes you feel. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if it causes any discomfort or negative reactions.
    PS – the capsules are plant-derived and made of vegetable-cellulose.

  • What kind of results can I see with Nutrafol?

    Everyone is different. Generally, when someone begins their journey with Nutrafol, they start to see some results early on. But growing hair takes time.

    Of course, consistency is key. If you take Nutrafol daily for 6 months, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

    Month 1-3 – Set the stage for growth. The botanicals and supportive nutrients are working to balance your system and target the factors affecting your hair.
    Month 3-6 – Start seeing healthy hair growth.*
    Month 7+ – Stay committed. Stay growing.

    Commitment has its rewards. These ingredients are shown to promote hair growth, more shine, better texture, stronger hair, and enhanced volume. In fact, many people tell us they experience better sleep, less stress, and clearer skin too!

  • If I’m already taking biotin, can I take Nutrafol?

    Technically yes, but it’s not recommend. Nutrafol uses 3000 mcg of high-quality Biotin, and there’s no research saying that excess Biotin will help. In fact, some customers who get too much Biotin can experience acne breakouts and rashes. Your hair and skin should look great together!

  • After I see results, should I continue to take Nutrafol?

    The answer is YES! Seeing results is a positive thing, but a lot of the ingredients in Nutrafol need to be taken consistently to keep showing you those results. If we did not make any lifestyle changes to improve the triggers of poor hair health, like diet, environmental exposures, stress, etc, our bodies require the added support of the ingredients in Nutrafol. Keep in mind – some triggers that affect hair health can’t be avoided like genetic predisposition and aging.

  • Will Nutrafol products work for my hair type?

    Nutrafol products were formulated to promote hair growth and hair wellness for all types of hair. While the characteristics of hair strands may vary by ethnicity, the underlying root causes that affect hair follicles can affect all people equally.

    In a recent clinical study, the effectiveness of Nutrafol was examined in African American, Asian, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic men and women. All ethnicities saw less shedding after 2 months and improved thickness, growth rate, scalp coverage, and shine after 6 months of taking our Hair Growth Nutraceuticals.

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