Facial Surgery

The experienced team at Lewisburg Plastic Surgery can tighten those unwanted wrinkles and help create the youthful looking facial features you have always dreamed about.

Facial Lifts
Whatever your problem area, Dr. Normington's professional team can give you that extra boost of confidence while helping to take years from your appearance with one of our lifts. We can build on your natural features to restore more pleasing contours and help you to achieve your personal best. To help battle the effects of aging or alter undesirable features, we can perform a variety of lifts including:
Forehead Lift
Neck Lift
Face Lift
Eyelid Lift

One of the most common plastic surgery techniques, rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of the nose by reducing or increasing the overall size or changing the tip or bridge to narrow or widen the nostrils.

Lip Enhancement
Lip enhancement options to adjust lip size and shape can also be performed at Lewisburg Plastic Surgery & Laser Center.

Ear Pinning
An additional option to alter your appearance while maintaining the distinctive appearance that is naturally you, ear pinning can help correct unusual or undesirable looking ears that protrude significantly from the head.

Chin Enlargements
For more prominent cheekbones, a strong and vibrant chin, or overall facial harmony, we also offer chin enlargements.

Skin Care
A personalized skin care program is important to maintain or improve skin tone, texture, and appearance, especially when making the investment of a facial surgery.