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Offering both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our surgeons perform a variety of breast enhancement options designed to restore your natural figure, boost your confidence, improve upon your sense of attractiveness, and create the overall shape and figure you desire.

Breast Enhancement Procedures

With cutting edge technology, we can help erase signs of aging and restore your natural contours with a breast lift or breast enlargement. Or, minimize large breasts with breast reduction surgery.

Using advanced medical techniques, our doctors can also perform breast reconstruction for women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. We can help you improve your appearance and increase your confidence and sense of attractiveness through choosing a breast enhancement option that's right for you.

Breast Enlargement
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Breast Reconstruction

vectra 3d
Vectra 3D Simulation 

Lewisburg Plastic Surgery & Dermatology uses the advanced VECTRA 3D imaging system to provide our patients with the most complete education possible regarding their plastic surgery procedures.  Using this system, we take a three dimensional photograph of the patient prior to surgery.  Then, using VECTRA’s software simulation tools, we can create 3D representations of how you could look after surgery.  This allows you the opportunity to preview various surgical options, and decide on the procedure that best suits your personal goals.

VECTRA 3D is used for breast augmentations, breast lifts, body contouring, rhinoplasty, chin augmentations and more.  The entire process takes only a few minutes, and you will have the opportunity to review the results during your initial consultation.  At that time, you can request alternative simulations to be sure you are comfortable with the recommended surgical plan.



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