Thigh-Buttock Lift

With a thigh-buttock lift, candidates can combat a loss of skin elasticity of the thigh, hip, or buttock area. Thigh-buttock patients may also have skin areas that are saggy with an orange peel texture and a flabby or dimpled appearance. If your thigh appearance improves dramatically when you lift the lax skin, you will benefit considerably from a thigh-buttock lift. Tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin with decreased surface irregularities can be achieved with a thigh-buttock lift. Procedure results may be enhanced with liposuction, a breast enlargement, and/or tummy tuck.

How is this procedure performed?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an inpatient basis. Dr. Normington will consult with lift patients to explain procedure options and develop a plan to address your particular needs. Wide variations in incision design can be performed to complement personal desires. Lifting of the inner thighs requires incisions extending from the anterior part of the thigh and groin crease around to the buttock crease. Lateral or anterior thigh lifts can be performed as separate procedures if desired. Lifting the entire thigh and buttock area requires longer incisions, while a buttock lift alone can be performed with just upper or lower scars. 

Recovery after a thigh-buttock lift

With smaller thigh lifts, discomfort is usually controlled with oral medication. Larger thigh lifts may require one or two nights' care in a hospital. This allows for pain injections and other recovery measures. Bruising and swelling typically subside within a month. Strenuous activities may be resumed in 6 weeks. Nearly all symptoms are gone in 4 to 6 months. 

Insurance Guidelines

Because this procedure is considered to be cosmetic, the cost is not covered by insurance and must be paid by patient.

*Before and after photos are available at the time of consult.