Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Losing a substantial amount of weight through weight loss surgery can often be the start of a new chapter in life. It’s a big step in the right direction toward better health. After such an accomplishment, however, it can be frustrating to realize that the excess skin that remains can continue to negatively impact both your confidence and your hygiene.

At Lewisburg Plastic Surgery, we understand that you have made significant strides toward a better lifestyle, and we are excited help you take the next step toward the body you desire to have.

Important Considerations Prior to Surgery

Removal of excess skin can improve contouring of your face and body. There are, however, a number of things to consider with this procedure:

  1. Timing: This surgery should only be considered after your weight has been stable for at least 3-6 months.
  2. Optimizing Healing: Weight loss surgery (from gastric band to gastric bypass) has an effect on your overall nutritional health. We will evaluate which parameters will optimize your healing so that we can make proper dietary recommendations.
  3. Expected Outcome: We will do our best to provide you with a clear and realistic expectation of your surgical results, as well as give you an idea of the overall recovery process.

Surgical Approach

We offer not only the standard contouring techniques available for excess skin removal but also a very specialized procedure created by our very own Dr. Moya — the Corset Body Lift. Through careful discussion and a thorough physical evaluation, Dr. Moya strives to tailor each procedure to meet your specific needs, rather than attempting to make you fit into a particular standard procedure.

Do you have several areas of loose skin that you would like to have removed, such as on your face, chest, abdomen, arms, and legs? Due to his years of experience, Dr. Moya is able to formulate a plan that takes into consideration the length and complexity of each procedure. If you do need multiple stages of surgery, Dr. Moya can arrange the order so that your recovery is smoother and one stage does not interfere with the next.

Contouring Procedures:
Arm Lift
Thigh Lift
Corset Body Lift
Breast Contouring

Use of Advanced Technology

Dr. Moya recognized years ago that weight loss skin removal presents unique challenges and began incorporating innovative surgical techniques and instruments to minimize potential complications. One of these is the use of HARMONIC® technology in many of his procedures. This ultrasonic tool dramatically improves not only surgical performance (minimizing bleeding), but also post-operative recovery, since no drains are required.

The Body You Deserve

You’ve done the hard work — now let us help you take the next step in feeling comfortable in your healthy new body.

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