Touch MD

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TouchMD is a program at our office that allows you to learn more about your procedure before you visit us and after you leave our office. It’s an innovative tool that provides a visual, interactive experience to educate you on various procedures to help you understand what to expect from beginning to end. 

When you come to see us for your consultation, we will customize your file on TouchMD with photographs, animations and information about the specific procedure you are interested in. When you go home, you can review the same information we shared with you during your consultation from the comfort of your home.

Get the app for your tablet or iphone!

touchmd botox

Interested in Botox? Dr. Normington can show you where he will do the injections.

touchmd breast augmentation

"Where will the implants go?" With TouchMD, Dr. Normington can help you visualize where he can place breast implants, discuss different incision sites, and so much more!