Fat Grafting

Indentations in your skin, depressed scars, or deep wrinkles may be corrected with fat grafting (fat transferring). Grooves, folds, or areas of soft tissue depression may also be corrected during the procedure. Fat grafting minimizes facial and other skin wrinkles. Additional procedures that can enhance the result of fat grafting include other facial cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, and more.


photo of syringes

How is fat grafting performed?

Fat is collected from the patient’s donor area and re-injected into the area with the defect. If larger amounts of fat are being collected, the patient may require sedation plus local anesthesia. Small amounts of fat can be collected and re-distributed under local anesthesia.

Recovery after fat grafting

Treated areas usually look normal within a few days after the fat transfer.

Insurance Guidelines

Because this procedure is considered to be cosmetic, the cost is not covered by insurance and must be paid by the patient.

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