Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Significant weight loss, whether through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, is a very challenging but extremely worthwhile achievement. It benefits not only your health, but also your appearance.
What you may not have anticipated is that your new body, while more trim, is left with excess skin after weight loss, potentially leaving you feeling discouraged and maybe even depressed. Rather than feeling self-confident and free, you may instead feel self-conscious as you struggle to hide your loose skin while still trying to exercise to maintain your weight loss.

You are not alone.

Many of our patients have had excess skin after weight loss and also felt this way. We know, because, at Lewisburg Plastic Surgery, we take the time to sit down with our patients and get to know them better. We want to understand our patients’ unique situations and goals.

We’re realistic, and will take everything into consideration — including your budget (which may include making a case to your insurance company for partial coverage of excess abdominal skin removal) and your overall health. We will help you to decide which procedure is best to remove your excess skin after weight loss — the procedure that may help to give you the body you desire, and deserve.

To learn more about the solutions we can provide to remove your excess skin after weight loss, please visit our skin removal surgery page.

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