Meet the Staff

Dr. Normington employs the region’s most experienced and knowledgeable staff. With backgrounds in all areas of skin care and plastic surgery, our team offers a comprehensive approach designed to help you look and feel your best!

The entire staff at Lewisburg Plastic Surgery recognizes that our patients are our greatest asset and strives to ensure that each patient receives care above their expectations. We want our patients to be comfortable with us as well as their decision to proceed with treatment and encourage patients to contact us with questions or concerns. We treat every patient like a member of our family, providing them with the highest level of compassionate care possible in a confidential setting.






Erin Abunassar, PA-C



Skin Care

Tricia Smith, LPN

Misty Fetter, LPN / LMT

Tricia Smith, LPN | Skin Care Clinical Manager
Misty Fetter, LPN | LMT

Nursing Staff

Tabatha Spriggle, LPN

Marcy Yoder, LPN

Brittany Kuster, LPN

Kay Bastian, RN
Jillian Bickhart, RN
Katy Boyle, RN
Heidi Fasold, RN
Marissa Fry, RN
Brittany Kuster, LPN  |  Hair Transplant Technician
Brooke Lawton, RN
Marianne Motto, RN
Kim Mullin, RN  |  Clinical Manager
Kathi Schmouder, RN
Sue Smith, RN
Tabatha Spriggle, LPN  |  Patient Care Coordinator / Hair Transplant Technician
Marcy Yoder, LPN



Henry Motyka, CRNA
Kiera Zarick, CRNA
Phil Zawatski, CRNA


Business Office

Carol Miles

Lisa Showers

Ann Rubenstein

Andrea Ward


Wendy Brown

Wendy Brown, Administrative Manager
Carol Miles
Lisa Showers
Ann Rubenstein
Andrea Ward



Wendy Brown  |  Administrative Manager
Wendy Brown  |  Administrative Manager
Wendy Brown  |  Administrative Manager