Lip Augmentation

The fuller lips you desire are achieved with lip enhancement. For patients with thin lips, a fuller appearance may be accomplished. Lip enhancement also creates a defined lip edge and overall younger looking lips. 

These procedures can be done with either local anesthesia or local and intravenous sedation. During consultation, the doctors will discuss the option best for you.

Perma Lip Augmentation

Perma Lip Augmentation.  This is an excellent opportunity to achieve a naturally contoured lip that will withstand the sands of time, unlike dermal fillers procedures that need to be enhanced every few months to maintain the optimum results.  The FDA approved implant is a soft solid silicone product so there is no chance of rupture or deflation.   A variety of sizes are available to provide our patients with the opportunity to achieve the permanent naturally contoured result they want!  The procedure is done in the office under a local anesthetic.  Patients can resume their normal activities the following day. 

Dermal Fillers

Made from hyaluronic acid naturally found in our bodies, dermal fillers can be used to rejuvenate and reshape the face. Since hyaluronic acid is found in our skin, these fillers tend to have a longer lasting effect. Several brands of dermal fillers are currently available in the United States.

Additional Treatment Options

Autologous Fat: This procedure harvests fat through mini-liposuction and re-injects it into the lips. In addition to the implementation of some fat cells, new collagen and fibroblasts are stimulated.

Alloderm: Alloderm is donor tissue with all of the viable cells removed. Using local anesthesia, it can be placed into the body of the lip to create volume and/or into the vermilion to add definition. An alloderm implant is soft and long lasting. Studies have shown that your cells will attach and grow into the implant to give it permanence. After several years, part of the product may be absorbed.

Softform is an updated form of Gortex. A hollow tube of Gortex is inserted into the lips using local anesthesia. Insertion will enhance vermilion border, but does not provide large volume correction. As long as the implant is in place, Softform results are permanent.

  • Filler type: Juvederm Ultra Plus XC (1 syringe), injected with a microcannula

  • Filler type: Juvederm Ultra Plus XC (1 syringe), injected with a microcannula